The Delicious Details – Cultural Cuisine


No tour with Gwaii Eco could ever be complete without offering you the temptation of some traditional cultural cuisine.

As well, our days INCLUDE a hearty, homemade lunch, fresh home baked snacks, and choice of beverage.


“Haida history and culture came alive! Personal attention and being invited to Louie’s home for local feast was the best..made my trip!” Carolyn Franklin, Ottawa, ONTARIO


Salmon on Queen Charlotte Islands
Or how about a taste of smoked oolichans, halibut and salmon tsiljii, dried seaweed, venison jerky: just a few of the culturally indigenous delights sure to fascinate your taste buds! As one delightful guest put it: “Louie’s smoked salmon is to die for!”

Swedish Flag”Simply beautiful! We truly enjoyed the day. Wonderful scenery, excellent lunch together with Louie and his son.” Patrick and Ingrid, SWEDEN

Italian Flag”Truly enjoyed Louie’s home and family. Thank you, Joy, for the wonderful lunch!” Sandy and Domenico Boeris, Roma, ITALY

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