Make This: White Chocolate Banana Cream Tarts

August 19, 2017 Leroy Wall 0

One of the most popular desserts I serve to my Masters guests are these individual White Chocolate Banana Cream Tarts. Mc Donalds Chocolate Banana .. deal, considering milkshakes in the drink itself and drizzled across the whipped cream topping. They’re based on the famed pies served at Buckhead Diner in Atlanta. It has been years since I’ve been to the Diner, but if you like banana cream pie, theirs is one of the best I’ve ever had. The recipe is a bit complicated, but I take one shortcut: I order the sweet French butter tart shells online. You can find them at in smaller quantities than from some of the professional purveyors, which usually require that you order case quantities, usually 70 tart shells or more. If you decide to go with the mass quantity, the good news is that they keep for a very long time and can be used in a myriad of ways. Fruit tarts, peanut butter tarts, salted caramel and chocolate tarts…I’ve used them for all of these and more. These are little work, but definitely worth it! Two specialty liqueurs set it apart: banana liqueur and white creme de cocoa. They really do add lots of great flavor to the filling, as does the snowy layer of grated white chocolate over the top of the pastry cream/whipped cream filling. I believe the recipe I used came from an old Southern Living Magazine, but I can’t find a link online. Avoid links which use gelatin…I don’t think that was in the original recipe. Here’s the link that looks the closest to the recipe I use: White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie. (If you’d like the exact recipe I use, just shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]) Have a great weekend!

Burj Khalifa: A miracle

Burj Khalifa: A miracle

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The Burj Khalifa a miracle of Dubai, commonly known as Khalifa Tower or Burj Dubai before its inauguration. Everyone is seeking for the first position in any field of work, so here Dubai government has did a great job by spending 1.5 billon USD on this megatall skyscraper, Dubai, UAE. It is a really tough job to create such a huge building on the land of sands, but actually not only the best engineers from all over the world and skilled on field working people made this possible for the UAE government. Since 2008 Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper ever build by any country. Burj Khalifa touched a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft.) including the antenna and a roof height of 828m (2,717 ft.). Construction of Burj Khalifa began in 2004 and tool almost 5 years to get fully finalized. One year later of it completion i.e. in 2010 Burj Khalifa has been opened for public as a part of a new development called Downtown Dubai. Burj Khalifa has 163 storeys above the ground out of which 154 are usable and 9 are for the maintenance of this megatall skyscraper from which you can see the beautiful land of deserts. The decision to construct the building reportedly based on government’s decision to diversity from an oil based economy. This building was named in honour of great ruler and president of Abu Dhabi, UAE Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This tallest skyscraper broke a numerous record including the tallest building ever made. If you are planning for the Burj Khalifa trip and want to experience the view from the top of Burj Khalifa, that would be an awesome thing to do in Dubai. Now here are the features of the megatall building:- The Dubai Fountain: Outside the megatall skyscraper there is fountain designed by the WET Enterprises at cost of 217 million USD.  The fountain shoots the water up to 150m above the ground that looks very beautiful when coloured by the projectors and along with the contemporary Arabic and world music. Dubai dessert safari is also popular if you are planning to stay in Dubai for more than a week. Observation Deck: An outdoor observation deck at 124th floor was opened publically on 5thJan 2010. It was the highest observation deck ever made till it was surpassed in Dec 2011 by Cloud Top 488 by the Canton Tower, Guangzhou at 488m in the air. Rather than, in Oct 2014 once again Burj Khalifa gave the highest observation deck at a height of 148th floor (561m). Burj Khalifa Park: The great megatall is surrounded by the Burj Khalifa Park by an 11 ha (27 acre of land). This park once again increases the beauty of this skyscraper and look very pleasantly when seen form above. This glorious tower is the one of the most prominent attraction site in all the Middle East. It displays an exceptional work of art and manmade beauty of earth. No let us discuss about some tour packages to visit Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa official offer you basically four types of tickets. Non-Prime hours General Admission Prime hours General Admission Immediate Entry Admission Infant’s Immediate Entry Admission At the top level At the top sky level 125 +124 124+125+148 1 Non-Prime hours 8h 30min – 17h 00min 20h 00min until closing 19h 30min until closing Adult (12 yrs+) GA AED 125 AED 350 Child (4-12 yrs) GA AED 95 AED 351 2 Prime hours 17h 30min – 19h 00min 9h 30min – 19h 00min Adult (12 yrs+) GA AED 200 AED 500 Child (4-12 yrs) GA AED 160 AED 501 Adult (12 yrs+) IEA AED 300 NA Child (4-12 yrs) IEA AED 200 NA Infnt(below 4yrs) IEA Free Free

Haida Canoe

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We are very happy to introduce our Haida Canoes! Paddle over some of the routes of the ancient Haida. The experience is awesome! Designed by Haida Master Carver Christian White An ancient design in a modern medium. The pattern for our Haida canoes were taken from an original cedar dugout canoe and constructed in fibreglass and wood and trimmed in red and yellow cedar. CHRISTIAN M. WHITE Haida Carver Raven Clan Masset, Haida Gwaii Christian White, whose Haida name is Kilthgulaans, was born in 1962 and is from the Dadens Yakulanass Raven Clan in Old Massett, Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. His work is in the traditional Haida style, crafted in argillite, wood, silver, gold and ivory. He began carving full time at the age of fourteen. His first teacher was his father, Morris White, who carved in argillite and silver. Later he was influenced by older cousins who had begun carving in the late 60’s and who were developing their own modern style of forms that were characteristically quite flowing. They taught him to inlay his work by just watching and taking in what they described. In the past few years his father and he have revived the art of canoe building and totem pole carving in Old Massett. His work has been exhibited widely and is included in numerous private and museum collections including the Queen Charlotte Island Museum in Skidegate and the UBC Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver.


The Delicious Details – Cultural Cuisine

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No tour with Gwaii Eco could ever be complete without offering you the temptation of some traditional cultural cuisine. As well, our days INCLUDE a hearty, homemade lunch, fresh home baked snacks, and choice of beverage. “Haida history and culture came alive! Personal attention and being invited to Louie’s home for local feast was the best..made my trip!” Carolyn Franklin, Ottawa, ONTARIO SMOKED SALMON anyone? Salmon on Queen Charlotte Islands Or how about a taste of smoked oolichans, halibut and salmon tsiljii, dried seaweed, venison jerky: just a few of the culturally indigenous delights sure to fascinate your taste buds! As one delightful guest put it: “Louie’s smoked salmon is to die for!” Swedish Flag”Simply beautiful! We truly enjoyed the day. Wonderful scenery, excellent lunch together with Louie and his son.” Patrick and Ingrid, SWEDEN Italian Flag”Truly enjoyed Louie’s home and family. Thank you, Joy, for the wonderful lunch!” Sandy and Domenico Boeris, Roma, ITALY


Mission Statement of Gwaii Eco

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“To see firsthand is to learn, to learn is to understand, to understand is to help preserve.” © Louie Waters, Gwaii Eco Tours & Lodging As a small, local family business since 1982, we offer cultural and environmentally friendly, outdoor experiences geared to those with average outdoor capabilities. Our adventures, focused on natural, cultural and historical interpretation, are unhurried, often include spontaneous moments, and are lots of fun for everyone! We have a style of hospitality that some consider to be from another era: while you are in our care, each of us strive to ensure you feel as safe, comfortable and welcome as a fond family member, in a non intrusive and respectful way, and that all you holiday expectations are met or surpassed. We are delighted to share with you a slice of our daily way of life, while you explore the many wondrous treasures of Haida Gwaii. Our Mission Statement? That’s easy! To take care of you exactly the way we’d like to be taken care of when we’re far from home! 2004 is the year of going back to basics, back to nature for the Gwaii Eco family. This will give us more time together as a family, as well as free us up to devote our full energies to the cultural, natural and spiritual paddle/camping retreats we share with our guests — for us, a semi retirement of sorts. We’ll be concentrating on our camping journeys by Haida canoe and kayak, and overnight “back to nature — back to basics” retreats. Hope to see you there! We are now fully booked for the 2004 season. Our 2005 schedule for Gwaii Eco Back to Basics — Back to Nature vacation packages will be available in October 2004.

Paddling by Haida Canoe or Sea Kayak

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Gentle guided paddling in and around Bearskin Bay, Skidegate Inlet and Skidegate ChannelGentle guided paddling in and around Bearskin Bay, Skidegate Inlet and Skidegate Channel Safely glide through protected waters Travel the routes of the ancient Haida by kayak or Haida canoe. Paddle in a family sized Haida Canoe Haida Canoe Paddle by day Paddle at Sunrise Relax and enjoy the gifts of natural beautyFor information on our fully guided, multi day paddling and camping excursions, please Click Here


Credentials – Gwaii Eco Tours

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“What do the credentials of Gwaii Eco mean and why are they important to me?” They attest to our ongoing efforts to provide the highest levels of safety, comfort and service during your time with us. (Many travelers wrongfully assume this is standard operating procedure for all tour companies.) Remember, Haida Gwaii is a wilderness paradise. Even on our soft adventure tours, we’ll journey on forest, ocean or shoreline, where ever changing conditions are common. Hiking near Bearskin Bay, Queen Charlotte Islands Don’t assume anything when it comes to the safety and quality of holiday care and enjoyment for you or your loved ones. Know what credentials to look for — and thoroughly check them out! Certified & Insured Certified Guides Louie and Patrick are both graduates of the Coastal Eco Adventure Tourism Program, a unique certificate program that addresses professional standards, safety, risk management, legal and ethical issues that impact British Columbia’s tourism sector. Their certification includes: Tourism & environmental stewardship, human relations, customer service Coastal heritage interpretation Orienteering/navigation fundamentals Coastal navigation Power boat operations, repair and maintenance Occupation First Aid Level III Occupation First Aid Transportation Endorsement Vital Link Standard First Aid Wilderness First Aid Small Vessel Safety – Med A2 Restricted Radio Operator Canoeing, sea kayaking, sport fishing Camp setup and management Leave No Trace Instructor Food Safe



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With over twenty years local knowledge and experience, Louie Waters and his family work together to make your journey memorable. Louie, a registered Metis, and certified guide, maintains a unique island lifestyle and a strong respect for the Haida, their culture and their land. He and his family depend on energy provided by sun and wind. Captured rainfall is their only source of fresh water. Time, for them, is primarily measured by tide, wind and “weather permitting”, and that’s just the way they like it!! Relaxing at Gwaii Eco Lodge As one who fishes for sustenance only, Louie still loves the thrill of the catch! Louie’s ability to share and convey his spiritual love of aboriginal culture, history, nature and his alternative lifestyle is a gift which indelibly touches the hearts of many who travel with him. Louie Waters, Haida Gwaii, Queen Charlotte Islands Father, Son and Fat Cat … after a good day gathering food … lots to share!