Mission Statement of Gwaii Eco

September 26, 2016 Leroy Wall 0

“To see firsthand is to learn, to learn is to understand, to understand is to help preserve.” © Louie Waters, Gwaii Eco Tours & Lodging As a small, local family business since 1982, we offer cultural and environmentally friendly, outdoor experiences geared to those with average outdoor capabilities. Our adventures, focused on natural, cultural and historical interpretation, are unhurried, often include spontaneous moments, and are lots of fun for everyone! We have a style of hospitality that some consider to be from another era: while you are in our care, each of us strive to ensure you feel as safe, comfortable and welcome as a fond family member, in a non intrusive and respectful way, and that all you holiday expectations are met or surpassed. We are delighted to share with you a slice of our daily way of life, while you explore the many wondrous treasures of Haida Gwaii. Our Mission Statement? That’s easy! To take care of you exactly the way we’d like to be taken care of when we’re far from home! 2004 is the year of going back to basics, back to nature for the Gwaii Eco family. This will give us more time together as a family, as well as free us up to devote our full energies to the cultural, natural and spiritual paddle/camping retreats we share with our guests — for us, a semi retirement of sorts. We’ll be concentrating on our camping journeys by Haida canoe and kayak, and overnight “back to nature — back to basics” retreats. Hope to see you there! We are now fully booked for the 2004 season. Our 2005 schedule for Gwaii Eco Back to Basics — Back to Nature vacation packages will be available in October 2004.