March 20, 2015 Leroy Wall 0

With over twenty years local knowledge and experience, Louie Waters and his family work together to make your journey memorable. Louie, a registered Metis, and certified guide, maintains a unique island lifestyle and a strong respect for the Haida, their culture and their land. He and his family depend on energy provided by sun and wind. Captured rainfall is their only source of fresh water. Time, for them, is primarily measured by tide, wind and “weather permitting”, and that’s just the way they like it!! Relaxing at Gwaii Eco Lodge As one who fishes for sustenance only, Louie still loves the thrill of the catch! Louie’s ability to share and convey his spiritual love of aboriginal culture, history, nature and his alternative lifestyle is a gift which indelibly touches the hearts of many who travel with him. Louie Waters, Haida Gwaii, Queen Charlotte Islands Father, Son and Fat Cat … after a good day gathering food … lots to share!